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Answers to frequently asked questions will help you learn as little or as much as you want to know about our services and amenities.  You can easily contact us today for a free estimate!
Q. Why rent a party photo booth?
A.  A photo booth at your event is an instant success, with hours of fun for everyone. Guests of all ages are entertained—laughter and fun relaxes everyone and you will have souvenir photos as well of your guests enjoying themselves when you receive our complete photo album. Everyone will have their unique party favors and photos to cherish!
Q. Why rent from you when I can do it myself?
A. Why miss YOUR event when we can do all the work for you? Mingle and have fun, bring your clients or family and friends to the Party Photo Booth Station to have your pictures taken with them, let us serve you and provide a fun, hassle-free party photo booth station. 
Q. How does the photo booth work?
A. Guests select props for their photo shoot and enter your party photo booth station on the red carpet. Depending on your Party Photo Booth rental guests will either enter our LED inflated enclosure, or the open air Party Photo Booth Station we set up with backdrop or built photo set and proceed to have some fun and pose for their photo. Don’t forget we also have the technology for short video shots, GIFS and slow motion videos and posting to social media platforms.
Q. Are your props clean? 
A. Yes, we will also immediately remove props from service during an event if we notice an issue.  With our attention and concern about allergic reactions to some chemical's used in disinfectant solution so we use Melaluca cleaning products. We also clean our props with 7th generation dish soap and warm water for any residuals like make-up after every event, after UV light exposure.  We also carry stick props that are disposable and are always brand new at each event for guests with concerns about sharing items; our selection of masquerade masks, oversized glasses and everything else we have been collecting and adding to our treasure chest of props is sure to delight and entertain.
Q. How many people can the photo booth accommodate at one time?
A. The photo booths can accommodate as many people as can get in front of the party photo booth, up to 15 maybe ?
Q. What are the setup requirements for the photo booth?
A. When we are designing and creating your Party Photo Booth Station we try to keep it simple yet all inclusive. We do need a hard surface area underneath our equipment of a minimum of 3’ X 3’ for outdoor events. Of course, we need electricity, 110V, 20 amps, a 3-prong outlet within 30 to 60 feet of your party photo booth. We follow a safety protocol for securing all cords with reflective tape and secure footings of our tripods with added ballast to deter anything from toppling over.
Q. How much time is needed to set up or take down the photo booth?
A. We will arrive one hour or more depending on venue and set up availability times before your event. The set up and removing your party photo booth is not included in your rental time, we never charge for that time.   
Q. Will I have someone running the party photo booth at my event?
A.  Yes, we are not a self serve booth, we want everyone to have fun, not try to figure out our equipment.  You will have your Booth Coordinator and Prop Master.
Q. Can a booth be provided for an outdoor event?
A. Sure thing, we love an outdoor party! There are a few requirements. We need a hard flat surface of 3'x3' for the foot print of our equipment, access to an electrical power outlet and some type of overhead covering. If the weather is not desirable, we will need full coverage for the booth to ensure that the booth is not damaged and your pictures come out perfect. 
Q. What if I need to cancel?
A. You may cancel, however, the 25% deposit is non-refundable as we most likely have turned away other business due to already having your event scheduled.  We will never overbook. Because we care about you, we will work with you to reschedule at another date when possible with our schedule as well.
Q. Who are your ideal clients?
A. Our ideal clients are event planners and everyone who wants to have a FUN and MEMORABLE event, whether it’s someone newly engaged and has started thinking about what he/she wants for their dream wedding or someone who wants to entertain their guests and provide the ULTIMATE PARTY FAVOR for their special event.
Q. How far in advance to I need to book my event?
A. People typically book a few months in advance to ensure availability. However, if you need to book with only a few days or weeks’ notice we can do that too! As long as we have availability in our schedule, we will be more than happy to work with you on short notice!  Please remember though, we can not save a date without a deposit.  Accepting a quote is not the samething as making a deposit.  We will save your date with a deposit even if you forget to sign our emailed contract, but we must have a deposit as a display of good faith. 
Q. A photo booth for my event sounds fun but seems expensive! Am I going to be able to afford this?
A. ABSOLUTELY! You’ll be surprised to discover that renting our photo booth is something you can afford. We’ll be happy to take you through our affordable packages in greater detail to find the one that fits your needs. We offer discounted rates on weekday rentals (Monday-Thursday). 
Q. Do you offer any discounts?
A. Yes, we sure do! We do offer a discount rate on weekday rentals (Monday-Thursday), and we have a military and public servant discount.  We have a spread the word and like and share discount. 
Q. This sounds like EVERYTHING we’ve been looking for. What happens next to start the booking process?
A. The next step is for you to call us at (210)663-9052, or you can email us on the form on our “Contact Us” page with your contact information.  We can set up your Party Photo Booth Entertainment and save your date very easily, and start the planning process for your photo templates and event planning.  We’d love to hear from you to find out your vision for your event and what your needs are.
Q. How do I set my date for my party photo booth?
A. We need a signed contract and deposit based on invoice total. 

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